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Image by Stephen Dawson


We meticulously craft dashboards to support business decision making. Our clients benefit from seamless and quick access to multiple data sources with reduced manual data crunching.

  • Our designs are not only nice-looking, but also practical for supporting business decisions.

  • We develop in multi-platforms to cater different needs and environments. 

  • Our main development platform: PowerBI, Yellowfin, Tableau, RShiny

Image by Arnold Francisca


Deliver speed and accuracy of analysis by automating the process and minimise manual intervention. We use different stack of software and platforms to create a seamless process.

  • Cleanse, map and transform multiple data sources into a unified database; both structured and non-structured databases.

  • Design the whole system including software solutions and hardware servers to ensure good overall system performance.

  • Automate complex statistical models learning for a faster deployment and reducing manual processes.

Image by Scott Graham


We apply advanced statistical models to solve problems and answer business questions. 

  • Turn transaction and customer data into business insights: reveal customer segments, predict churn, cross-selling and price impact.

  • Applied marketing science, answer marketing problems with the use of survey, database and transactional data.

  • Segment consumers, predict their behaviours, optimise pricing strategy to maximise revenue.

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