Why work with Epitome?



We believe in 360 degree view of any project implementations, by emphasizing on the balance between business, data science, technical expertise and selecting the right tools. What it means for clients:

We understand your business

Our team consists of people from various background including those with business expertise. We help clients formulating the issues, consolidate the needs across different departments, and lay out the plans and solutions to solve the issues.


What it means for clients: All solutions will be centred on your business issues and requirements.

We look beyond numbers

We look beyond numbers to make sense out of the data and uncover hidden meaning behind it. We have team with expertise in data science that will assist you in this area, either using simple data cross-tabulations or the state of the art advanced analytics tools.


What it means for clients: in our business analytics service, we don’t stop only at providing numbers, but go one step further in translating them into real business implications.

Data visualization

“Data visualization” is an important keyword recently for many different reasons. First of all, we are in an era of data overload that means information can only be analysed through a proper visualization process that will simplify the data and take the essence. Secondly, in the current business information we don’t have much time to digest information to make a business decision. Having a beautiful visualization is not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for practical, data understanding and quick data driven decision making process.


What it means for clients: Our clients have an easy to understand infographics-style visualization, either in our Business Intelligence or Business Analytics projects. This will help you make sense of the data to make quick decisions.  

We have processes in place

With our strong technical know-how, we review your existing data platform and work out an efficient solution for either BI system implementation or business analytics application. We have a big bag of technical tools and expertise that can be used in various situations.


What it means for clients: We have clear step-by step implementation procedure to minimize hiccups in the operations.