Our Services


We look at your data and use it to help your business processes and decision making. Our services fall in three main areas.

Business Intelligence 

Access your data with a user-friendly platform for business decision making. Successfully leverage your data for business decision making using our Business Intelligence platform to produce:

Corporate report and performance dashboard
Data visualization

Data exploration

Geo location mapping
Online collaboration

We are in partnership with Yellowfin, an award-winning Business Intelligence platform.

Business Analytics


With the massive amount of data and information in the company, there is a great opportunity to solve various business problems through analytics. Our scientists use various analytics tools to fully utilize the data and discover the hidden insights behind.

Customer Relationship Management
Churn prediction
Text analytics
Business optimization

Marketing Science


We make survey data work harder in answering business objectives. We use variety of tools and techniques to design and post-analyse your data. Our portfolio includes:

Discrete Choice Modeling & Conjoint
Decision Support System
Path analysis
Latent class segmentation
Predictive model
TURF analysis
Key driver analysis